Press release

18 Apr 2020

HLL launches three products with technical know how from Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences & Technology (SCTIMST) .

18 April 2020: HLL Lifecare Ltd (HLL), a Miniratna CPSE under the Ministry of
Health & Family Welfare is launching the ‘Chitra Disinfection
Gateway’‘Chitra Examination Booth and ‘Chitra Swab Collection booth’
The technical know how for these is developed by SCTIMST, premier
institute under Department of Science and Technology.
‘Chitra Disinfection Gateway’
The ‘Chitra Disinfectant Gateway’ is meant for use in public places to
reduce the virus load on hands, clothing and bags that an individual carry.
The gateway has been designed and developed as per CDC guidelines and
NIOSH standards of safety .The gateway can be placed at the entrance of
offices, institutions, organisations or at public places for a quick and easy
disinfection. The Gateway employs Hydrogen Peroxide in mist form . The
hydrogen peroxide mist from the Gateway gets deposited on the
clothing/bags/hands when an individual walks through it. Within the next
few seconds this mist reduces the virus load from the surface. Hydrogen
Peroxide breaks down into water and oxygen, and doesn’t have any
environmental issues. The Hon’ble CM of Kerala himself had mentioned that
Gateway designed by SCTIMST is scientifically proven to use.
The first model manufactured by HLL is installed at the BMT wing of
The first commercial order for this is received by HLL from Muthoot group.
Active enquiries from various premier organisations like ONGC, BARC , IRE,
NDTV, Air force station Trivandrum etc for the Gateway have been received.
‘Chitra Examination Booth’
Both examination and Swab Collection Booth are essential in providing a
line-of-defense for the health workers who work in close proximity to COVID
The ‘Chitra Examination Booth’ is a single chamber, glovebox enclosure that
provides a line of-defense for the health worker for quick
examination/screening of suspected individuals. The examination process
involves the individual confined inside the booth while the health worker
examines them from outside using a pair of long-sleeved gloves. A separate
port is provided on one of the sides of the enclosure for stethoscopic
examination of the individual. A pair of long-sleeved polythene gloves may
be used for this purpose.
‘Chitra Swab Collection booth’
The swab collection booth is a dual-chamber, glovebox enclosure that
provides a line of-defense for the health worker while collecting swab
samples from individuals. The bottom chamber features a single door
entry/exit for the patient and has provisions for disinfection of air in the
bottom chamber. To enable this, the bottom chamber is equipped with an
exhaust fan and a HEPA filter for trapping the viral matter within the
chamber. Outside air enters the bottom chamber via the prefilter. The UV
radiation is used to disinfect the bottom chamber, before the next patient
enters the chamber. The health worker remains outside the chamber & the
swab collection is done using the glovebox.
HLL has undertaken the manufacturing and marketing of the items and is
planning to supply throughout the country in order to support the Covid-19
related precautionary measures. We are planning to cater to these orders
from our fabricators Kerala , Baddi ( HP) and Mumbai .
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