Press release

07 Oct 2021

State Health Minister inaugurates the Innovative Menstrual Hygiene Management programme THINKAL

Smt Veena George, Minister for Health & Women and Child Development, Govt of
Kerala inagurated the Project on Awareness Creation and Distribution of Menstrual Cup
- THINKALat Mascot Hotel, heretoday (7th October 2021).“Menstrual cup is a game
changer especially helping women to travel freely during their periods and is a much
healthier option and also environment friendly” quoted the Health Minister while
inaugurating the Thinkal Menstrual cup distribution and awareness project of HLL
Lifecare Ltd. THINKAL is a CSR initiative of HLL Lifecare Ltd (HLL), implemented by
HLL Management Academy, the educational & social development wing of HLL, a
Public Sector Enterprise under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government
of India.
She handed over the Thinkal Menstrual cups to 10 women representing four wards of
Thiruvananthapuram- Kowdiar, Peroorkada, Shankhumugham and Valiathura.Thinkal
project in it’ first phase is implemented in coastal areas (Valiyathura Ward &
Shangumugham Ward) and urban areas (Kowdiar Ward & Peroorkada Ward) of
Trivandrum Municipal Corporation, covering around 10,000 beneficiaries.
“If 10000 people use these menstrual cups continuously for 5 years it will lead to
reduction of almost 200 tonne of sanitary napkin waste”. Minister also appreciated the
initiatives of HLL in the Women Healthcare Sector in the country.
Shri (Adv.) Antony Raju, Minister for Transport, Govt of Kerala released Thinkal M-Cup
awareness booklet by handing over the copy to ward councillors of - Peroorkada,
Kowdiar, Shangumugham and Valiyathura. “ Thinkal is a novel initiative of HLL”, said
Adv Antony Raju. This project aimed at protecting the Health and environment will be
heartily accepted by the women in Kerala, for sure. Since its inception, HLL has been
instrumental in implementing exemplary projects in the healthcare sector adding that is
a role model on how the corporate should be utilising their CSR fund.
The function was presided over by Shri.K. Beji George IRTS, Chairman & Managing
Director, HLL and Shri. Amar Fettle, State Nodal Officer (Adolescent Health), NHM
Kerala offered felicitations.
Shri. E.A. Subramanian, Director (T&O), HLL welcomed the audience and Smt. Anitha
Thampi, CEO-HMA proposed vote of thanks.
Thinkal Menstrual Cup (M-Cup)is a healthy, safe and affordable alternative menstrual
hygiene product with multiple advantages.
The distribution of M-Cups is expected to be completed by 31 st March 2022. The project
also includes awareness creation on how to use the product properly.
HLL hadearlier implemented M-Cup projects in Kochi Municipal Corporation and
Alappuzha Municipality in Kerala through well designed awareness sessions about the
product and its multi-fold advantages.
The project, pioneering in nature, was conceived as an alternative to address the waste
disposalissues emergedduring the 2018 Kerala floods. Sanitary napkins distributed to
women in flood hit areas caused challenges in the disposal. HLL introduced M-Cups as
an alternative to address this challenge.
In the follow-up study, it was found that, the acceptance level of M-Cups among the
users was 91.5%.
Despite its acceptability among those who were introduced to it, M-Cups have not yet
gained proper acceptability among the larger public due to non-availability in retail
shops and lack of knowledge & awareness about the product. Therefore, a conscious
attempt is required to create knowledge and awareness of Menstrual cups among the
public and the product is to be made available readily. Encouraging the use of M-Cups
among menstruating women in India will be a novel initiative with a long-term impact like
reduced solid waste, reduced public health hazard, improved menstrual health, safety,
convenience and freedom for women.
The product is made of FDA approved medical grade silicone material and is reusable
for upto five years. It is shaped like a bell and is flexible, considered as a safer
alternative to disposable menstrual hygiene products. It is worn inside the vagina during
menstruation to catch menstrual fluid (blood). About every 6–12 hours (depending on
the amount of flow), the menstruating woman removes the menstrual cup from her
vagina, empties the collected menstrual blood into a toilet or sink, washes the M-Cup
under running water and inserts it again. At the end of the monthly period, the M-Cup
can be sterilized, usually by boiling in water. Unlike tampons and pads, the M-Cup
collects menstrual fluid rather than absorbing it.
M-Cups are small enough to be stored and carried in private and are easy to clean.
International studies on M-Cup indicate that it is a safe device with no reported health
For more details, contact Mr. Ashish Nair: 9020784390