Origin & History

Orgin & History

The glorious journey of excellent healthcare has traversed through over 50 years. HLL Lifecare Limited proudly celebrated its Golden Jubilee year in 2016. A celebration of rich legacy of a great organisation that has always reached out to the society, through quality services and products, with a commitment to the welfare of people.

For over 50 years HLL has been an integral part of Indian healthcare industry and that’s an accomplishment we are truly proud of. A sneak peek through the pages of history unfolds the acclaimed transformation of HLL from a humble beginning in 1966 into a global brand in the area of healthcare delivery.

Today, HLL has emerged into a global corporate of international acclaim spread across 115 nations, taking under its wings 4 subsidiaries comprising Offices and 8 manufacturing units across locations having a multitude of products ranging from contraceptives & hospital products to pharmaceuticals; and services from diagnostics to infrastructure development and standing tall at a value exceeding 35668.67 crores.

HLL has indeed emerged as a force to reckon with, its name being synonymous with integrity, credibility and concern for the society striving continuously to uplift the quality standards and cost-effectiveness of healthcare in the country.

A brief history

Time standing a witness to this remarkable growth over these years, the journey has indeed made many a head turn.

The Government of India established its first National Family Planning program in the 1950’s. At a time when condoms were mainly imported and were heavily priced, the availability and cost to the common man turned out to be vital for the success of the government’s “small family happy family” campaign. Subsequently, Govt of India decided to establish a company for the manufacture of condoms at affordable rates. Kerala being abundant in rubber came as a natural choice for setting up the facility and 01 March 1966 saw the incorporation of Hindustan Latex Limited under the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. The foundation stone for the maiden manufacturing plant, with a production capacity of 144 Million pieces, was laid at Peroorkada in Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala on 14th January 1967. HLL commenced commercial production on 5th April 1969 in technical collaboration with Okamoto Industries of Japan. The year 1976 witnessed the first phase development with an increase in the production capacity to 288 million pieces a year.

To meet the growing needs of Condoms for the national family planning programme, the company expanded its production units in Trivandrum and to Belgaum, Karnataka in 1985.

Having set sights on the premium-end of the market, HLL developed its commercial brand MOODS two years later. The ‘MOODS Please’ campaign, the first ever advertising campaign for MOODS succeeded in making this evocative name synonymous with the product.

In 1991, HLL was recognised as an MOU-signing Central Public Sector Undertaking by the Government of India. In 1992, HLL forayed into hospital products by adding a facility to manufacture Medigard surgical and examination gloves at Peroorkada Factory Thiruvananthapuram (PFT), followed by the commissioning of the plant for formulation of Mala-D Oral pills at Kanagala Factory Belgaum (KFB) in 1993.

The mid 90’s saw a major growth in the export sector, previously limited to a few countries. The fire was fuelled by setting up an International Division under the leadership of the then Marketing Manager Dr. M. Ayyappan (present C&MD) in 1992. Within 3 years, direct marketing efforts registered an increase of 79 % and export growth increased by 71 % and reached out to the most competitive markets in USA, Europe and African countries.

During this time, HLL also started the Hindustan Latex Family Planning Promotion Trust (HLFPPT), a not for profit organization for the implementation of Reproductive and Child Health, HIV AIDS Prevention, Care and Support Programmes in partnership with Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India, State Governments and International Development agencies.

In 1994, HLL commenced production of Copper-T Intra-Uterine Device (IUD) at its new plant in Akkulam Factory, Thiruvananthapuram (AFT), and also commenced the commercial production of ‘Ceredrain Hydrocephalus Shunts’.

In 1995, surgical, synthetic and catgut sutures were the new entrants in the product list followed by the facility to manufacture “HL-Haemopack” blood transfusion bags at Akkulam Factory. The year 1997 earmarked the advancing flight of the company, with HLL becoming the first company from India selected by World Health Organisation (WHO) for sourcing of condoms.In 2002, HLL introduced ‘HL HAEMOSAFE’ Instant Needle and Syringe Destroyer, for destroying used needles.

The annual turnover of HLL in 2002 was Rs. 141 Crores, with three manufacturing facilities in Kanagala, Akkulam and Peroorkada. The emerging economic reforms commonly known as the LPG or liberalization, privatization and globalization model, ushered in a remarkable deviation in the Indian mindset. The public sector organizations, previously considered as an 'engine for self-reliance' during the initial post-independence period, faced tough competition from private sector during the LPG phase. In many sectors PSUs became much less dominant, and non performing PSUs encountered grave losses.

Through a well-defined and focused change management program combined with a string of strategic plans based on critical business analysis, HLL embarked on a mission to put the company on the growth trajectory.

The new strategies paved the way to diversification wrapping up a multitude of products and services under its wings besides strengthening its core business. Ingrained in the journey of transformation was the company’s new spirit of discovery, enterprise and caring that gave it a new name - HLL Lifecare Limited in 2009.

The dream goal of Rs. 1000 crore company was successfully accomplished and HLL clocked a business worth Rs. 1296 crores in 2010.

With the addition of new condom plants at different locations, the total capacity of condom production had been enhanced to 2 billion pieces matching global scales. Today, HLL is the only company in the world that offers anything and everything in birth control solutions. The flagship brand ‘MOODS’ comes in more than 19 variants. A pan India retail distribution channel was also developed covering all towns of the country. The marketing portfolio of the company expanded considerably with more than 70 brands under its fold. Besides birth control products, its product range encompasses Hospital products, Pharmaceuticals, Ayurvedic, Vaccines, Personal hygiene and Diagnostic kits.

During this over 50-year journey, HLL gave birth to seven institutions that have the potential to change the healthcare delivery scenario across the globe. HLL has also forayed into Research and Development and opened 60,000 sq ft state-of-the-art world class Corporate R&D Centre (HLL CRDC) at Akkulam Thiruvananthapuram.

All the developments and expansion in HLL had only one purpose -- to make available to the public high-quality products and services at extremely affordable price.

Major Expansion in the last decade

During the last decade, the company successfully forayed into many new businesses and started new factories and offices to meet the growing needs:

  • Opened new regional offices in New Delhi and Mumbai
  • Rapid Diagnostic kits manufacturing unit at Manesar.
  • Started LIFESPRING mother & childcare Hospital Chain for the low income population
  • Opened new manufacturing facility for male and female condoms in Kochi.
  • Forayed into retail marketing and opened exclusive condom shops at three locations under the name MOODS Planet.
  • Investment in Pharma. Opened pharma manufacturing facilities in Kanagala and Indore and acquired GAPL.
  • Investment in diagnostic services – Hindlabs MRI Scan Centres.
  • Investment in retail outlets in pharmaceuticals and ophthalmic products- HLL Pharmacy & Surgicals, HLL Opticals and AMRIT outlets.
  • Marked entry into infra-structure development and procurement consultancy in healthcare industry and floated HITES.
  • Forayed into R&D and opened a 60,000 sq.ft state-of-the- art world class Corporate R&D centre (HLL CRDC) at Akkulam, Thiruvananthapuram.
  • Forayed into education sector and floated HLL Management Academy.