Categories Date
Sl. No Title Ref. No. Department/ Category
1 Amendment no. 6 for Supply, installation and commissioning of Medical Equipment for Radiotherapy department for AIIMS under PMSSY HLL/PCD/PMSSY/AIIMS-II/11/13-14 SUPPLY, INSTALLATION & COMMISSIONING
2 PRE BID MEETING MINUTES Tender for Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Diesel Generator Set 1010 KVA at Kanagala Unit. HL:BG:PS:1010:DG:2014-15 DT.18.03.2014 SUPPLY, INSTALLATION & COMMISSIONING
3 Amendment of Transportation Tender HL/BG/SL/TRANS/NORTH EAST/06/2013-14 DT. 12/3/2014 Transportation
4 Amendment of Transportation Tender HL/BG/SL/TRANS/EAST/05/2013/14 DT. 12/3/2014 Transportation
5 Amendment of Transportation Tender HL/BG/SL/TRANS/NORTH/04/2013-14 DT. 12/3/2014 Transportation
6 Amendment of Transportation Tender HL/BG/SL/TRANS/WEST/03/2013-14 DT. 12/3/2014 Transportation
7 Replacement of filing cupboards & Modification of cubicles in CS & VP (CAS)’s office and CS’s cabin at CHO, Poojapura. HLL/FM/CHO/2014/128 dated 16.04.2014 Construction
8 Amendment No.1 for extension of tender opening date HLL/PCD/KfW-03/13-14 dated 28.02.2014 Supply Equipments
9 Amendment No.1 for extension of tender opening date HLL/PCD/KfW-02/13-14 dated 28.02.2014 Supply Equipments
10 Amendment No.1 for extension of tender opening date HLL/PCD/KfW/01/13-14 dated 28.02.2014 Supply Equipments