Goa Antibiotics and Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Goa Antibiotics and Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (GAPL) is a subsidiary of HLL. The Registered Office and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing facility of GAPL is located at Tuem, Pernem in Goa. GAPL’s factory premises are spread out over approximate 84,000 sq. meter campus, comprising approximate 52,000 sq.ft built up area. GAPL’s state-of-the-art pharma manufacturing plant conforming to cGMP standards is situated in a pollution free clean environment and well connected with Road, Rail and Air.

GAPL has two manufacturing facilities for Ayurvedic & Homeopathic products in Rajasthan. The company also runs a chain of 24 X 7 Retail Pharmacy Outlets in the State of Goa. The Pharma product range comprises of various therapeutic groups, such as Cephalosporin Antibiotics, Penicillin Antibiotics, Anti-Diabetics, Cardiovascular products, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Malarial, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Tubercular drugs, Anti-protozoan, Ant helminthes, Non–Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs, Narcotic Analgesics, Mucolytic, Sedatives & Tranquilizers, Antiemetic, Anti-allergic, H2 blockers and Ulcer Healing Drugs, Cough Syrups, Nutritional Supplements etc.

The products under Ayurvedic and Unani category include Rasayan, Guggle, Churan, Bhasma, Pishti, Avleh, Asavaarisht, Gutika, Lauhamandoor, Cough syrup, Ointment, Medicated oil etc. In the therapeutic group, the products include viz. antipiles, urinary tract infections, antipyretics, sedatives, anticholestrals, kidney stone therapy, nutritional supplements, anti-bacterial, anti-diabetics, gynaec, liver tonic, anti-malarials, unrin-alkalizer etc..

The Homeopathic drug segment includes Mother Tincture and Dilutions, Bio-chemiche and Bio-combination, Ointments and oils.

Website: http://www.gaplgoa.com/