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Introducing India`s innovative AROGYA MAITRI BHISHM CUBE

Arogya Maitri Bhishm Cube is a revolutionary initiative of the Government of India, reflecting its commitment to global health and well-being. It is a state-of-the-art portable Cube containing medical essentials, designed for rapid deployment in emergencies and disaster zones.

Due to its modular design and ease of use, the Bhishm Cube can be transported by air, sea, land, or drone, ensuring timely medical assistance to even the most remote locations.

Key Features:

Quick application: can be deployed within minutes, allowing immediate medical support during the critical "golden hour" following a crisis.

Advanced Medical Equipment: equipped with a comprehensive range of medical supplies, including a portable ventilator, multi-parameter monitor, and surgical tools. This enables both basic and advanced surgical procedures to be performed in the field.

Capacity of 200 patients: designed to meet the medical needs of up to 200 casualties.

Easy-to-use technology: accompanied by a user-friendly app that provides medical professionals with all important information on the available medical supplies and equipment. It also features instructional videos to facilitate the setup and operation of the Cube.

Quality and durability: complies with all regulatory standards ensuring it is sturdy, waterproof, corrosion-proof, and capable of withstanding harsh environments.