05 Nov 2013

HLL Academy launches two novel courses in healthcare management

HLL Academy, the academic wing of the mini-ratna public sector undertaking HLL Lifecare Ltd has announced two courses in clinical engineering and management - Post Graduate Diploma Course in Clinical Engineering and Management (PGDCEM) and Post Diploma Course in Clinical Engineering and Management (PCEM).
The courses will cover different aspects of production development, production, quality control, and marketing of various pharmaceuticals, medical devices and services.
The Clinical Engineering programmes, having two semesters of six months each, will be held in distance education mode with contact classes. The curriculum has been designed to fulfil the requirements of healthcare institutions, procurement service agencies and equipment manufacturers.
The eligibility for PGDCEM is an Engineering degree in Biomedical, Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical, Instrumentation, Chemical or Biotechnology disciplines. Engineering Diploma holders in Biomedical, Electronics, Instrumentation, Mechanical or Medical Instrumentation can join PDCEM. The details of the courses and prospectus are available at HLL Academy website-  The last date for receiving application  is 15 December 2013.
``At present, our country is heavily short of skilled managers in these specialised areas of healthcare. HLL and its team have huge experience in the field. The new courses offered by HLL Academy will fill the gap between advanced medical field and its application among common man,’’ said HLL Chairman and Managing Director Dr M Ayyappan about the new programmes.
HLL has grown into a full-spectrum healthcare company. Apart from being a global leader in contraceptives, HLL is premier organisation in the country in areas of procurement management consultancy, specifically in healthcare segment. Further, the company plays a major role in planning, design, construction of medical infrastructure. As responsible corporate, HLL intends to pass on its huge expertise and experience to aspiring managers across the country.
The other programmes in the pipeline by the Academy are in the areas of social marketing and good manufacturing practices. Besides, it also plans to launch M.Tech and MBA programmes in related areas in near future.