Categories Date
Sl. No Title Ref. No. Department/ Category
21 Supply, Installation , Commissioning & Maintenance of Closed Circuit Television Systems (CCTV) at HLL Noida Office HLL/NOIDA/CCTV//2014-15, Dt. 12th ’Dec’2014 Supply and Service
22 Amendment No. 1 - TENDER FOR RENOVATION CIVIL WORKS for ART IVF CENTER at IMCH,Medical College Hospital, Kozhikode HLL/AFT/IMCH/ART-IVF/2014-15/III Supply
23 Amendment No.1 - TENDER FOR RENOVATION ELECTRICAL WORKS for ART IVF CENTER at IMCH,Medical College Hospital, Kozhikode HLL/AFT/IMCH/ART-IVF/2014-15/II Supply
24 Amendment No.1 to the Limited Tender Enquiry for purchase of File Tracking System (FTS) HLL/NOIDA/PCD/FTS/14-15 Dated 02.12.2014 Supply
25 Amendment No. 1 to the Tender Enquiry for Purchase of Medical Equipment on behalf of NCT of Delhi HLL/PCD/GNCTD/16/14-15 Supply
26 Amendment No. 1 : Tender Enquiry for Purchase of Medical Equipment for and on behalf of Rajiv Gandhi Super Speciality Hospital HLL/PCD/GNCTD/22/JSSH/14-15 Supply
27 Supply of Ejector for Dehydrator for HLL Lifecare Condom Dipping Machine as per drawing and specifications at our factory at Irapuram, Kerala HLL/CED/CON-AUG/SUPPLY/EJECTOR/ DAMPER /IFC/2014 Supply Material
28 Amendment No.1 - Supply of Computers, LCD projectors and other accessories for the Strengthening & Upgradation of Govt: Medical College ,Kozhikode HLL/ID/14/61 Supply
29 Amendment No.1 - Supply, Installation, Integration, Testing and Commissioning of On Line powder finishing operation system for the BTADL Condom Dipping Machine on turnkey basis at HLL, Irapuram Factory, Kerala HLL/CED/CON-AUG /SITC/ONLINE PFS/BTADL CDM/IFC/2014 DATE: 08.12.2014 Supply Material
30 Amendment No. 1 : Rate Contract of Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Network Points and fixing of related equipments for HLL, Noida Office. HLL/Noida/IT/2014 Dated: 09th December ‘2014 Supply